The Lost Adventures: All-In-One 3D Printable Adventures

Created by Danny Herrero

Creating 3D Printable Minis, Terrain, Maps, Props + Accompanying RPG Adventures for Home 3D Printers.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Holiday Update: Core 10 Encounter Release, Download Info, Progress & Q&A
4 months ago – Thu, Dec 31, 2020 at 01:12:30 PM

Happy Holidays & New Year Lost Adventurers!

We hope you and your loved ones have had, and continue to have, a safe and happy holiday season. Let’s jump straight into the update:

 The Verdant Queen (Encounters 1-10) Now Released! 

We’re really pleased to release the Core 10 Encounters to you all! For those of you wondering about them, these first 10 encounters include:

  •  77 Pages of content including fully colored art (not including digital maps)
  •  Stand-Alone Encounters: Each usable as stand-alone encounters, and include everything you need to run it within them (including stat blocks, item blocks, and spell blocks if a creature has a unique spell).
  •  Encounter Hooks & Tie-Ins: Each encounter includes encounter hooks and tie-ins to make them easier to use in your own games, and to tie together as a connected story arc for your group to go through. 

A special thanks to everyone on the team who helped make this happen including the writing team, playtesters, and you all as well.

Where You Can Find The Verdant Queen Encounters

Here is where you can find the core 10 encounters:

1. Through BackerKit Digital Download Section

  • If your pledge level included The Verdant Queen adventure, you'll find the Dropbox instructions to a new folder with the encounters and maps. 

Note: You'll notice that these are all stand-alone encounters. This is by design. They'll eventually be merged in single PDF format with appendices for referencing after they're all completed, but right now they each contain everything you need to run that encounter within the PDF itself (along with free D&D rules and SRD content available online). 

2. Dropbox Folder for Late Pledge & All-In Backers

  1. Those with access to the “Playtest” folder will notice it has now been renamed to “Encounters & Playtest”
  1. Inside this folder you’ll see the Playtest Encounters are in their own folder, and the Verdant Queen Encounters are also in their own folder. We’ve kept them together with the maps, and other support PDFs for easier reference.

Remaining Encounters Progress

The remaining 20 Encounters are currently in final art/layout. They have been written, edited, playtested, gone through revised formatting, and are now in final art and layout. You can expect them to feel just like the first 10 in terms of quality, art style, and layout. 

We aim to have all encounters delivered by March based on our current pace, and the final versions will be delivered in batches of 10 as they are completed. I know this seems like a ways away, but consider the final page count (77 pages) of just the first 10, and the quality of the content within, and I think you will understand why it has taken this long. The remaining encounters will be just as good - we promise :)   

Website & Delivery Update 

We recently soft-launched our new website,, in order to create a much better user experience for all of you backers compared to Dropbox and our old website. To do this, we've been updating the old products, adding all of the products from Vol. 1, and testing delivery for the past month and a half to avoid some of the mistakes we had with Lost Dragons. 

Because of the number of products we have and the variety of bundles - it's taken longer than we anticipated. That being said, we’ve been having really good results in our tests, and are looking forward to the switch from our old website. I'm confident it's going to be a much better experience for all of you once we go live later this month :)


Q: Will all of the files be available via the new website?

A: Yes! You’ll need to make an account using your Kickstarter email address, and will be gifted your pledge and have unlimited access to your files (no download limit) through the new website,

Q: Does that mean we won't be using Dropbox anymore?

A: Once the website is functional and all orders have been gifted succesfully, we'll have a grace period where the Dropbox will still be available. After this grace period, all of the file will be available via the My Downloads page on only.  

Q: How will we know when the  files are available through the new website?

A: We’ll make an update for the website and new system of file delivery in January, and you’ll receive an email letting you know your files are available for download as well.

In Closing

If you have any additional questions for me or the team, please feel free to reach out via email: I’m catching up from all of the notifications and email from the last few days of holiday, but will respond as quickly as I can.

Thank you for your support everyone - looking forward to hearing about your adventures using The Verdant Queen encounters!

Danny & The Lost Adventures Co. Team

Encounter Progress!
6 months ago – Fri, Nov 20, 2020 at 10:57:01 AM

Hi everyone Dillon your friendly neighborhood arachnomancer and head of the writing team here! 

As we're getting the final versions of these encounters, we can't help but be incredibly excited to get them to you as soon as possible. We wanted to give you an update and answer some questions on our encounter progress and what you can expect in the future from them in the mean time.

In addition to answering some frequently asked questions, we wanted to share some previews of them as well before releasing the finalized PDFs.

Where are we at?

  •  5 encounters are COMPLETELY FINISHED of the core 10.
  •  5 encounters of the core 10 are nearing completion in our formatting process.
  •  20 encounters have gone through writing and editing as well as proofed formatting, and are now moving on to formatting revisions. These were our stretch goal encounters. 

What do they look like? 

BEHOLD! A few pages from our finished encounters to whet your appetite for more to come :) I'll be including some commentary to explain a bit of what you're seeing: 

Potential Actions:  You will see in each of these examples a "Potential Actions/Skill Checks" table. This is not meant to be an all encompassing list but was meant to help facilitate running a game or dropping an encounter into your games with as little prep work as possible. They are there to help newer DM's, people running the encounters on the fly, or those who maybe didn't expect something their players might do. We spent a lot of time reviewing playtester feedback to fine tune these tables, and hope they add great value to your games.   

Stat Blocks: Stat blocks for existing and new monsters have been included in the encounters themselves to help ease their use in play. No more will you have to flip back and forth between books or to appendixes, the stat blocks are included in the encounter specifically to help you run a game smoothly.

Descriptions: Many of our rooms come with read-aloud descriptions, as well as explanations of events that occur if players take certain actions, helping you seamlessly prep and run your sessions. 

Aftermath: What good is an encounter if you don't know what comes next? Many of our encounters include an Aftermath section to describe what occurs based on specific events in the encounters. 

These are just a few of roughly a dozen sections included in each encounter, all of which are designed specifically to help you run a fun and memorable game! 

How do I know what to print for them?

We are working on a more visually appealing list of all the models and scatter that go with each encounter but for now you can find a listing for all the files you will need to print for each encounter here

When will all of the encounters be done?

We are working to get the encounters done as quickly as possible without sacrificing our high quality standards. Now that we have worked out the kinks in our formatting and all of the encounters have been written, edited, and are now moving to formatting we are nearing the end of the long road of encounter work. 

We are on target to release the core 10 encounters in early December, and will be releasing the stretch goal encounters in groups of 5 or 10 (depending on what makes most sense for delivery batches). 

Based on this rollout schedule, we are looking to have all of the encounters finalized and delivered by the end of February.

I really like the models you guys make, are there more?

You bet! If you haven't already, check out The Lost Adventures Volume 2!

Thank You!

I can't wait to hear about the great sessions you play out with these, the stories you get to tell, and the fun I hope they bring you. Happy printing as always! 

If I missed anything or you have any other questions, please feel free to email me here:

Or Danny here:



BIG Update: All Campaign Models Delivered, New Freebies, Lost Adventures Vol. 2, & More!
7 months ago – Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 12:05:10 AM

Hi everyone! 

Big update tonight: As of yesterday, all of the 3D files for the Lost Adventures Vol. 1 have been delivered! There’s a lot more in the update though. Here’s what you’ll find below:

  • September/October Model Release
  • Test Prints
  • Overall Vol. 1 Campaign Status Update & Stats
  • New Surprise Freebies & Where To Download Them
  • Lost Adventures Vol. 2 FAQ
  • Encounter Status Update

On to the good's what you can find in your Dropbox now:

September/October Models 

Miniatures (this one was a simple kitbash for one of the encounters, so we added it!)

  • Animated Quill 


  • Bookshelves Set (Set of 2) 
Sculpted by: Andrew Brennan
  • Jail & Prison Set (Set of 14) 
Sculpted by: Aether Studios
Sculpted by: Aether Studios
  • Pillars Set (Set of 7) 
Sculpted by: Andrew Brennan (Original Stone Pillars) & Aether Studios


  • Bell o Trolls 
  • Chivessian Badge 
  • Coin of Fellwatch 
  • Elven Coin 
  • Orc Coin 
  • Dragon Scale 
Sculpted by: Ryan Beasecker
  • Ring of Pestilence 
Scultped by: Kim Bourrie
  • Ring of Rats and Ravens 
Sculpted by: Kim Bourrie

Test Prints

Below are some test prints from the above batch for your viewing pleasure:

Jail Cell - Test print by Carlos (k4rl0s)

Test Prints below by William Remig 

Animated Quill Test Print
Alcove Bookshelf
Corner Bookshelves
Stone Pillars
Wooden Pillars
Elven Coin
Fellwatch Coin
Orc Coin
Ring of Pestilence

NOTE: The Skeleton Key & Eye Key weren’t released because they did not meet our standards unfortunately. We’re unsure whether they’ll be repairable at this time, but we’ve got some other freebies to make it up to you (see a bit further down).

Campaign Status & Final Model List Stats

Here is an update to the overall campaign status I shared several months ago: 

For the data lovers in the crowd, here's a breakdown of where we ended:

  •  Minis: 115 minis (5 of those are variants, 44 of those are supportless)
  •  Bases: 16 bases 
  •  Bosses: 11 bosses
  •  Props: 37 delivered (2 of those are variants, 10 core, and 20 props were originally "unlocked")
  •  Scatter & Scenery: 27 sets, 140 models (10 of those variants, 20 stretch goal sets were unlocked)
  •  Maps: 30 maps, each with gridded, non-gridded, day/night variants, and ready to print versions for 8.5x11 and A4 sized paper.
  •  Encounters:  30 Playtest Encounters (**IMPORTANT: Finalized versions of these 30 encounters are still being finalized, hence the 50% in the above doc, please see later on for a status update on these if you are interested!)

 For those interested in a full list of the models and the source of the above stats, you can find the Google Sheets HERE.

New Surprise Freebies: Blight Dragon & Ettercap

For those who've already started reading through the playtest encounters, you've probably encountered the Pestilent Priest at some point. Pestrilix VI is a Blight Dragon, one of the dragons we made in the Lost Dragons. 

Blight Dragon Render. Sculpted by: James Dorrington

We're including him as a freebie for all backers eligible to receive these quest lines (All-In and above backers). For those interested, the Pestilent Priest encounter line is PT11-20 in the Playtest.

We're also including a free pre-supported Ettercap from our upcoming Kickstarter, the Lost Adventures Vol. 2 to use in one of the encounters (Traps and Ettercaps):

  This model is a freebie that is only available to Lost Adventures Vol. 1 Backers. We aren't giving this out to anybody else!

  For those of you with questions about the Lost Adventures Vol. 2 - we'll get there! But first, let's talk about where to get these freebies:

Where To Download The Freebies

You can find these in two places in the Dropbox:

1. Stretch Goal Releases By Month > September/October 2020 

2.  Stretch Goals > Miniatures > Bosses (Blight Dragon only) 

The Lost Adventures Vol. 2: FAQ

For those of you wondering: "Whoa, where did THAT come from?!" this section is for you :) Let me answer with the most frequently asked questions we've gotten so far:

1. What is The Lost Adventures Vol. 2 going to be about? The Lost Adventures Vol. 2 continues where Vol. 1 left off, and takes place in and around a large wilderness region called the Greensea.

Vol. 1 was designed to be a "starter set" collection of minis, terrain/scatter, and props that would be great for  new DMs or folks getting into the hobby.

Vol. 2 is meant to be the "next step" and is a bit more curated, but still focusing on being a versatile and multi-use STL collection for RPG players who are looking to insert interesting characters, monsters, and places in their home games.

2. What kind of models will be in Vol. 2? Unique characters and NPCs, new monsters, larger buildings than in Vol. 1, even more scatter and scenery, and of course: backer-voted bosses.

Little teaser ;)

3. When will Vol. 2 be launching? Tuesday, October 27th. If you want to sign-up to be notified when we go live, you can join the launch list HERE.

4. Why are you launching a new KS when you still owe backers stuff?  That is a good question - first, let's talk about what we still owe backers: As is outlined above, all of the models & supplementary content for Lost Adventures Vol. 1 has been delivered at this point except for the finalized encounter PDFs.

Finalizing the encounter PDFs is still the top priority of the writing team (which includes editing and layout). We're in the final stages now, and are working as quickly as we can but won't compromise on the quality standard we wanted for the 30 encounters we made.

This won't change with Vol. 2 launching later this month because there are no written encounters in Vol. 2. If we finish the encounters during the Kickstarter, and backers are interested in more written content - we can have that discussion after we've delivered those finalized encounter PDFs. It is that simple.

tl;dr: Everything’s been delivered now except for the final versions of the encounters. The team working on finalizing the encounters is 100% focused on finishing them, and the team working on Vol. 2 is separate and won't impact delivery in any way.

5. Will these models be pre-supported? Yes! The core set of minis will be pre-supported by the one and only Greg Kourakos, 3D Printing Pro. You can check out his channels and amazing support tutorials/tips/reviews HERE. Highly recommended if you haven't checked his content before!

6. Where can I sign up to be notified of launch? You can sign-up right here: and we’ll send you an email on launch day!

Encounter Status Update

For those anxiously awaiting the encounters: We hear you, and appreciate your patience. Our writing & layout team have been focusing on the encounters 100%. We are currently in the final stages of art finalization and layout. Our priority is still taking the playtest feedback and making sure these encounters are as usable as possible, both for folks 3D printing stuff for them and folks who DON'T want to print everything for these encounters.

  At this point, there won’t be any major changes to the story in the encounters - and it’s mostly encounter balance tweaks and layout changes (some of which are really significant, which is part of why it has taken us so long). The other reason it’s taking so long is because of the size of the encounters as a whole.

In terms of pre-formatting numbers:

  • 260+ pages of encounters (30 total encounters)
  • 26 pages of new, original monsters
  • 6 pages of new diseases (13 new diseases)
  • 21 pages of new magic items (40 new magic items)
  • 4 pages of new spells (5 new spells total)
  • 317 total pages of new content

Even if the final collection of encounters came out to 150-200 pages...that is a full RPG book, and we want to make sure it’s a GOOD one, and not something we rush at the expense of you the backers.

In terms of deliverables: We are prioritizing the core 10 encounters, and will release those PDFs first. Afterwards, we will keep working on the remaining 20 encounters and release them after they are complete. We will then work on getting the encounters book-ready to release them in soft/hardcover options as well. 

Thank You

If you've made it this far: Thanks for reading and for your interest! Thank you so much for the support and patience as we've worked to deliver all of these files to you and the other backers. We love seeing your prints in the Discord, in FB group, and in other FB groups as well. Please continue to share them! 

If you have any questions for me, please send me an email here: I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

Happy printing,



August Models, Adventure Update, and September Preview
8 months ago – Sat, Sep 12, 2020 at 02:21:38 AM

Hi Lost Adventurers, 

It's time for an update! Here's what we're talking about in this update: 

  • August Model Release
  • Ogi Skullcrusher Fix
  • Adventure Update (Playtest Update, Encounters, Maps, Appendices) 
  • What's Coming in September

You'll find a lot of new stuff in your Dropboxes, and still some more let's dive right into the good stuff:

August Model Release


  • Alchemical Desk 
Alchemical Desk Render
  • Banquet Set (Set of 21)
Banquet Set Render
  • Covered Wagon 
Covered Wagon Render
  • Destroyed Wagon 
  • Gallows Set 
  • Goblin Hut 
Goblin Hut Render
  • Idol Shrines 
Idol Shrines Render
  • Ruined Tower Variants Expansion (Set of 9) 
Ruined Tower Variants (Left to Right: Leaning Tall, Tall, Short)
  • Shattered Pillars (Set of 6) 
Shattered Pillars Render
  • Stone Thrones 
Stone Throne Render


  • Diadem of Charisma 
Diadem of Charisma Render
  • Gumdrop Bottle Potion 
Gumdrop Bottle Potion Render
  • Maclormochs Potion Bottle 
Maclormoch's Potion Bottle Render
  • Pipes of the Sewers 
Pipes of the Sewers Render
  • Ring of the Dark Gods 
Ring of the Dark Gods Render

If you are struggling with where files are located, please see this update: 

If you are struggling with access to the Dropbox, please see here:

Ogi Skullcrusher Fix

Ogi Skullcrusher, one of our bosses, had an issue with the print that made assembly more difficult than normal. We merged his legs and the waist piece, and have also provided a pre-supported piece thanks to Greg. You can find the updated files in his Dropbox folder (in the Bosses folder). 

Ogi Fix Test Print

Adventure Update

We're still working through final formatting of the 30 encounters. We were originally planning on releasing the core 10 encounters first, but will be releasing them all together due to some changes in layout and formatting we received in playtesting feedback. 

The final wave of playtesting will be starting either this weekend or early next week - so check your emails, playtesters!

All Playtest Maps & Encounters Now Available 

We've gotten a lot of questions asking for the encounters, and we wanted to respond to those. As you know, we've pushed the date for the core 10 encounters because we'd rather a delayed product we are proud of than a rushed product we regret. That being said, we wanted to release what we have so far for those of you who are interested in running them, getting a head start, or just seeing what's coming down the road. 

As a result: All $50+ All-In Backers now have all 30 playtest encounters and their respective maps in your Dropboxes. 

Location of the Lost Adventures Playtest for $50 All-In Backers: Stretch Goals > Lost Adventures Playtest

$60 - ALL-IN Adventure Supporters can find the last 10 encounters and maps added in the previous Playtest location. Check your Backerkit digital downloads for the link and your password. 

A note about these playtest encounters: Consider these alpha versions in their current state. There will be lots of art added, layout changes, minor text changes, and balance changes based on playtest feedback. 

If you're an experienced DM, you should be able to read through these, figure out what you want to keep/change, and work from it. If you're new, you might be able to figure that out after one or two sessions. Most of the tools you'd need to change and adapt the encounter are already in the playtest encounters. 

And the maps available are also available for use in DTT - so enjoy those of you running games through Newgrounds, Roll20, Discord, etc.!  

Appendix of Corresponding Miniatures/Scatter/Props by Encounter Coming Next Month

One of the most requested additions to the KS we've gotten has been an appendix with minis/scatter/props by encounter so you know what you need to print depending on what you want to run. 

We're working on this. It's taken so long because we wanted to be 100% sure of what we were making, and what terrain would go best with each map. Now that the maps and encounters are all completed, it's just a matter of finalizing this list. It'll be available at the end of this month along with the other models that will be coming. 

Speaking of the models dropping at the end of this month...

Coming in September

September's models will be the last of the 3D STL files for this campaign. If we have any issues with them that arise in printing that we can't fix in time for delivery by this month, we'll let you know, and they'll be delivered in October. 

Here is the lineup: 


  • Pillars/Columns
  • Jail Set
  • Bookshelves


  • Rat Raven Ring
  • Skeleton Key
  • - Eye Key
  • Coin of Chivesse
  • Coin of Felwatch
  • Orc Coin
  • Elven Coin
  • Bell o' Trolls

 Thank You

Thank you for your support everyone. If you have any questions for me, send me an email here: 

Happy printing, 


Lost Adventures August Update (June & July File Drop / Encounters Update / Test Prints)
9 months ago – Sat, Aug 08, 2020 at 12:24:31 AM

Hi everybody! 

I hope you've been well and safe. Let's dive into the update: 


New files have been released, encounters and maps are progressing steadily, test printers have joined the team to ensure faster delivery of high quality files and we look forward to completion of delivery in the coming months! 

For those who want to know more / the nitty gritty keep on reading :) 

June & July Model Release

Some of the models released this week (test printed by me)

As of Monday of this week, the new files can be found in the Dropbox here in the following folders:

  •  Stretch Goals > Props
  • Stretch Goals > Terrain
  • Stretch Goals > Stretch Goal Releases By Month > June-July 2020

 The new models that were added are as follows: 



City Gate 

Fire Giant Forge (Set of 3)

Test Prints by William Remig

Geysers (Set of 4)

Print by William Remig

Graveyard Set (Set of 4)

Print by William Remig

Ruined Walls (Set of 6)  


Dragon Coin and Dwarven Coin

Print/Paint by Dillon Olney

Dwarven Tankard 

That is a Fresca - it fits :)

Ornate Smiths Tongs (affectionately known as the Tongs of Lesser Stress-Relief)

Tablet of Transformation

Encounter Update

All of the encounters have been written and edited and the second wave of playtesting wrapped up at the end of July, and we are working on implementing the feedback on the respective encounters. We are finalizing one map, at which point we'll open up the final wave of play testing.

We are really looking forward to getting these out to you all as they bring all of the minis, scatter terrain, maps, and props together.  Here's an example (and sneak-peek) of how they'll all work together with some models just released this month:

The Fallen Conqueror Map: Fire Giant + Fire Giant Scatter (With and Without Scatter) - Tong Not Pictured
A Grave Situation Map: Bandits/Commoners + Scatter (Mimic + Graveyard Set + Ruined Walls + Tree) + Coins - Missing Ancient Tomb by Infinite Dimensions

Test Prints 

Thank you to those who responded to our previous update and request for more test printers. Because of that, we're making really great progress on the remaining terrain and prop files that are still coming at the end of this month and in September.

Even though these files are still in the process of being tested, we wanted to share some of the awesome stuff coming soon :) 

Ring of Dark Gods - Test Print by Frank T.
Bookshelves Test Print by Jeff K.
Banquet Set Test by Matt R.
Cart Test Print by Sanitee
Cart Test Print by William Remig
Gallows Test Print By Carrie Day
Goblin Hut Test Print by William Remig
Stone Throne Print/Paint by Dillon Olney
Alchemy Table Test Print by Carrie Day

Big shout out and thank you to our testers! For all their amazing help with speeding up test printing, catching issues, providing really great suggestions, and allowing us to get these to you as best as possible. I hope these test prints get you all excited about the final models of this Kickstarter :) 

Thank you!

Thank you all for your posts, your questions, your comments, and your feedback. And most of all thanks for being a part of this community. From everyone on the team, thanks for helping us create, imagine, dream, and design, we couldn't have done it without you. 

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, please email me here:

Happy Printing everyone!

Danny & The Lost Adventures Team