The Lost Adventures: All-In-One 3D Printable Adventures

Created by Danny Herrero

Creating 3D Printable Minis, Terrain, Maps, Props + Accompanying RPG Adventures for Home 3D Printers.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

February Files Are Now Available (+ Sneak Peek)
about 1 year ago – Fri, Feb 28, 2020 at 08:47:43 PM

Hi everyone! 

Just a quick update: February's models have been added to the Dropbox. You can find them in the "Stretch Goals" digital downloads section of BackerKit and Dropbox, each of the new additions will be in their respective folders. 

We've also included the following:

- Updates/Change Log: Lists all the models that have been added. Will be updated every release so those coming back to download will know what's been added without needing to download everything at once. 

- Pre-Supported Models (for Resin): I took a lot more time hand supporting and testing these models in particular, and decided to share my pre-supported files with you all. 

Pre-Supported Ylva (Storm Giant) Skirt + Leg

Since this was not an expectation of the campaign, and I understand the potential variability in results due to machine/resin/support preferences, I'd like to share a few caveats about these pre-supported models: 

  • The files are not hollowed, but can still be hollowed just fine (I did this to the leg piece of Ylva for example)
  • I supported these the way I like, acknowledging that I will need minor cleanup in a few areas based on the way I oriented and the kinds of supports/placement I used. If you are not happy with them, the unsupported versions are included as well for you to place the way you like. Please do not ask me to support them in any "XYZ" way. This is not something I will be doing. 
  • I didn't run these through the Photon file validator, I only tested them (and they printed just fine). It is possible there might be some small islands I missed as a result. That being said, these supports worked for me, and produced the prints you saw on the update. I'm very happy with them. If this isn't something you want, please feel free to support these minis the way that makes you happiest. 
  • If your prints are failing, please don't blame my supports. I'm sharing these to save backers some time, acknowledging that they aren't going to be perfect for everyone - but they do work (I know - I tested them all myself after all :D) When all else fails, support the way you like/that works best for you.
  • I would not use these for FDM. These supports were not made for that kind of printing, so test at your own risk. 

I know that they aren't perfect, but I hope that these pre-supported models will help save some of you some time/headaches. Based on the feedback I get, I'll definitely consider doing the same for the remaining future bosses.  

Hydra Horror Sneak Peek

I'm not gonna leave you with such a dry update, right? :D Here's a quick sneak peek of one of next month's bosses, Malgáthez The Devourer, Hydra Horror:

They've got 5 double necks that I will be magnetically testing next week, so stay tuned :) 

In Conclusion

If you have any questions for me, please reach out to me here: 

Have a great weekend, Lost Adventurers - and Happy Printing!


February Lost Adventures Update
about 1 year ago – Mon, Feb 24, 2020 at 02:32:22 AM

Hi Lost Adventurers! 

We've got a lot to share, so let's jump right in: 

 February Models Release 

This month's releases will be available on Friday, 2/28 by 10:00 AM in Dropbox (Lost Adventures Stretch Goals folder). We received a suggestion to include a "patch notes" in the Dropbox to share which files were added this month to make it a bit easier for those downloading as they go. I'll be sure to include that this month.

As a reminder, the models that will be released are the following:

  • Wilderness: Giant Scorpions (Includes 1 supportless) 
Giant Scorpion Test Print (Right Supportless in Resin + FDM)
  • Heroes: Set 2
Heroes Set 2 Test Prints
  • The Undead: Skeletons (Set of 5) 
Skeleton Set Test Prints
  • Crystals Clusters Scatter 
Crystal Clusters Scatter Set
  • Wand of Spider Form (Prop) 
Skeleton Wand Print & Paint (by Dillon Olney)
Gorvo The Howler Render + Paint (by me)
  • Ylva the Bastion, Storm Giant Seer (model finished shots coming very shortly! Check the Facebook page if you're interested in that before Friday)

Test Prints Galore!

In addition to the close-ups above of some of our test prints, here's a gallery shot of some of the other things we've been printing as well. 

Test Print Gallery

You'll notice there are a lot more props - namely potions and the Mask of Desecration:

Mask of Desecration Test Print

 This is an early version, but still...I had to share :) It will be scaled to fit a face, of course some adjustments might be necessary. It prints without supports and can be fastened pretty easily to be a functional mask. I'll probably use shoe laces for mine. 

10 bucks says the Warlock will be the first to put it on once they find it! 

...and also Potions galore: 

Potion Test Prints!

 You might see some reprints. In addition to overhang testing, we're testing a variety of sizes for these, for those who want to print these smaller/larger. None of them will require supports (maybe with the exception of one piece...but we're working on that one! :D) 

These are being designed by Kim Bourrie (you can check out her store here - Kim Bolt) - and I've gotta give her credit, these are really nice and a nice change from more traditional potions.

March Preview: Hydra  

Our Hydra is emerging from the depths...but still has some finishing left :) I think it's far enough along to share a work-in-progress shot though:

Hydra Work-In-Progress

We're going to have a few of the heads have alternate multiple head variants, so those who want to magnetize them can have a crazy scene happen in front of the players. 

Here's what it will look like with multiple heads: 

Hydra Multiple Head Work-In-Progress

Crazy :D Your players will love it, I'm sure!

 Upcoming Prop Concepts

I also wanted to share some of the upcoming prop concepts. Many of these are part of the additional encounters that are being formatted for playtesting release. 

Prop Group 3 Concepts
Prop Group Concept 4

In Conclusion

The core 10 encounters are going to layout, bosses are being made, and we've got a lot coming down the pipeline. We're really excited, and hope all of this excites you too! :)   

Dillon and Nick will continue to share updates when we have more to share in between, but my next update will focus on the remaining project timeline, including dates for finalized encounters, upcoming scatter concepts/sculpts, the remaining bosses, and the upcoming community-voted Graveyard Golem (you didn't forget about that one, did ya? :D) 

Thanks for reading everyone - and have a great week! See you all on Friday morning! :)


Writing Team "Encounters" Update
about 1 year ago – Fri, Feb 14, 2020 at 01:34:46 AM

Hi All! Dillon here from the Writing Team. 

We wanted to provide a quick update on the writing progress for the encounters in the Lost Adventures. 

So where are we at now? 

27 of the encounters have been written and are currently being edited, of those 10 are currently in playtesting, we have started to receive responses to the playtest and really appreciate all the feedback we have received. 

Initially we had wanted to release all the fully formatted encounters for playtesting by the end of February but with the amount of writing, editing, formatting, and re-editing our small team has had to do this date will need to be pushed back a bit.

We're looking to have Core 10 Encounter PDFs + Maps + Props released by end of March. Maps are done, and props are almost done at this point as well.

What all is in these anyway? 

We wanted to take some time to elaborate a little bit on the encounters and what all is involved in them. 

The encounters include:

  •  New monster stat blocks
  • New magic items
  • New traps
  • New diseases 
  • And of course: lots of fun stories to enhance your game. 

Twenty of the encounters have been designed to play either as two adventures or as stand alone encounters that can be dropped into any game. The remaining ten are designed as one offs but can easily be tied into the other "Lost Adventures".  

The encounters provide DC's, suggestions for how to tie the encounter in to an existing game or into the next adventure, as well as ways to increase the challenge of the encounters, encounter difficulties and of course all the fun stories.

When finished the encounters will include art of some of the characters/monsters, items, and places described in them, this is something the encounter team (and the entire Kickstarter team really) is super excited for.

For anyone running these encounters for the playtest we would really love your feedback. The playtest survey is available here  for those of you who have run them - and is open for one more week.

We really hope you enjoy running these and we look forward to releasing them in full once we have had time to finish putting into them the love and care they need.

Thanks for your support everyone,


Quick Niru Update - Updated Files Available!
over 1 year ago – Wed, Feb 05, 2020 at 02:34:53 AM

Good Afternoon Backers!

Just wanted to shoot a quick message out that the updated files for Niru should be resolved at this time: The Arm (No Staff), Spell Effect, and Torso are updated in the Dropbox. If you encounter any issues, PLEASE comment on this update thread and let us know.

Thanks for the patience everyone!

Known Issue: Niru the Everlasting
over 1 year ago – Sun, Feb 02, 2020 at 02:35:50 AM

Hey everyone!

I've made a few comments about this but I wanted to make sure everyone saw via official update: We are aware of the issues with the Niru pieces and are working to get the files corrected as soon as possible. Please keep an eye on this update and as soon as we have a resolution, we'll let everyone know.

If anyone else encounters any issues with any other models, please let us know!

Thanks and we'll be in-touch soon!