The Lost Adventures: All-In-One 3D Printable Adventures

Created by Danny Herrero

Creating 3D Printable Minis, Terrain, Maps, Props + Accompanying RPG Adventures for Home 3D Printers.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

January Lost Adventures Update: Minis Release, Bosses, Scatter, Props, and More!
over 1 year ago – Fri, Jan 31, 2020 at 08:36:21 PM

Hello Lost Adventurers! 

I hope you've been well! We've got a lot to cover so let's get too it:

A Reminder About The Playtest...

For those of you participating in the playtest - PLEASE remember to fill out the survey after you've run your assigned encounter. You can find your assigned encounter in the email that was sent to you earlier this month. Here's a quick link to the survey for those of you who've already run your encounters: PLAYTEST FEEDBACK LINK 

January Models Release

January's Models will drop this late afternoon (EST) TODAY, Friday,  1/31/19. As always, you will find them in the Stretch Goals folder in the Dropbox (just follow BackerKit downloads information if you're unsure how to get there). The following models will be released: 


  • Wilderness: Carnivorous Plant (Set of 2) 
  • Wilderness: Giant Spiders (Set of 3)
  • Heroes Set 2: Mages (Set of 2)
  • Split from Base Versions of the Dwarf, Sorceress, and Halfling Heroes from Heroes Set 1 


Split Test Print
  • Additional 6x6 Ruined Tower Variant 


  • Niru the Everlasting, Lord of Liches 
  • Grazh'Kol the Doomguard, Death Knight 

Hydra Boss Delayed

Unfortunately the Hydra's been delayed. We've had to re-do the sculpt all over again. I'm pushing to have it out by the end of February, but it's a more complex sculpt since we're doing the split heads backer suggestion and I anticipate it taking a bit longer, so March is a reality.  

Upcoming February Releases

In February the last of the stretch goal minis are coming, some scatter, and some props. You can expect these towards the end of the month. Here is what is coming: 

  • Wilderness: Giant Scorpions
  • Heroes: Set 3 
  • The Undead: Skeletons (Set of 5)
  • Crystals Scatter
  • Wand of Spider Form (Prop)
  • 2 Bosses 

Prop Concept Art & Test Prints

We've got additional prop concept art we wanted to share by Dillon Olney (Critical Crafting):

We've already started making these, and so...wanted to share test prints as well:

Wand of Spider Form Test Print (FDM) - Print & Paint by Dillon Olney

 These props will be fun things you can print and hand to your players. They might be one-time use, but your players will love receiving them, and it's a nice change of pace to change it up from scenery/minis all day in our experience. We hope you enjoy them :) 

Future Updates

I'd like to take a moment to thank Nick, Dillon, and Caitlin for their help at communicating with you all, and of course for their contributions to this project. They've been amazing. 

I also wanted to share that moving forward Nick will also be helping us with shorter updates in between the larger ones I make to help keep you all aware of what we've got brewing behind the scenes. His updates will be much shorter, but we hope they'll be good check-in points to let you all know what's brewing. 

Thank You & Other Comments/Questions

Thank you all for your support, prints, in-progress paints, and all of that other good stuff you've been sharing lately. We really appreciate it! 

If you have any other questions or need anything, please email me here: 

As always: Happy Printing, and Happy Gaming!


Step-by-Step Instructions for Accessing Dropbox & Files and Playtest Update
over 1 year ago – Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 11:04:40 PM

Hello everyone,

I hope your December has been great so far. We've gotten a lot of questions about accessing Dropbox, requesting the BackerKit link, and just general help requests for accessing the digital downloads via BackerKit so I wanted to make a step-by-step post to help you get access if you have not already or have any confusion. 

If you already know how to access the files, please scroll to the bottom for a brief update on the playtest encounters and maps. 

Step 1: Click on your BackerKit Link in your Kickstarter Email Account

It is very important you check your Kickstarter email account. BackerKit will send their emails there. The title of the email should be: "Reminder -- Response needed to deliver your reward for The Lost Adventures: All-In-One 3D Printable Adventures" 

Here's an example of what this email will look like from an older Kickstarter I backed previously: 

You want to click on "Click Here to Respond." 

What if I can't find the email? 

Visit and enter your Kickstarter email address and they will re-send the email to you. You can also login to BackerKit here as well at the bottom where it says "Log in to your Backer Account". 

In the past, when this hasn't worked for me, I've just created a BackerKit account using my Kickstarter email address and found the campaign on my Active Projects list. 

2. Access the Project and then click Digital Downloads. 

Using my own KS account as an example, below you can see some of the projects I've backed on my account that are also on BackerKit.  

All you need to do is click on the active project. If my project is the only one that you've backed, you may not see this page. 

After clicking on the project, you're going to click "Get Your Digital Downloads"

3. Access Dropbox via "Lost Adventures Stretch Goals" Digital Download

You'll see the digital deliverables for Lost Adventures here. Click on the link in the one that is titled "Lost Adventures Stretch Goal Rewards." This will take you to the Dropbox link for all of the Lost Adventures Stretch Goal rewards. 

IMPORTANT: All future stretch goal STL rewards are going to be in this folder. Once you have this link, all you will need is the password which you can find in the gray box on this same web page. Your pass code unlocks the Lost Adventures Stretch Goal Rewards. 

4. Download & Print!

At this point, you'll have logged into Dropbox using your password, and you'll now have access to all of the stretch goal files. Any future STL files will be released here, and will be accompanied with an update so you know which ones have been added. 

After the entire project is concluded and everything delivered, we'll put everything in a single place to make it easy for you. 

If you have any additional questions about accessing your files, please email me here: 

Playtest Update

Our playtest is delayed by a week, and I do have some more details for those following along and eager to participate:

  • The first 10 encounters will now have maps accompanying them (including pre-divided, ready to print on your home printer if you wish. 
  • We've decided to include a player section of the survey for players to give their feedback should your players wish to.  
  • Playtesters will receive an email from me ( with instruction to access the files and begin having fun with your players. 

Thank You

I hope you have a great rest of your week, and again - happy printing! If I missed anything or you have any other questions, please feel free to email me here:



December Models + Update!
over 1 year ago – Thu, Dec 05, 2019 at 01:52:15 AM

Hello Lost Adventurers!

Before the holiday season comes upon us, I wanted to make sure we got you some models and gave an update on how progress has been. 

December Models Available In Dropbox

It's December 4th and you can now find the following models in the Lost Adventures Stretch Goals Folder:

  • Boss: Royal Guard Captain, Imani Kingsguard
  • The City Guard: Town Guards (Set of 3)
  • The Commonfolk: Pack 1 (Set of 4)
  • The Commonfolk: Pack 2 (Set of 3 +1 Variant)
  • The Fanatics: Cultists (Set of 4)
  • The Horde: Orcs (Set of 5)
  • The Undead: Ghosts (Set of 2)

Q: What happened to Niru, the Lich Boss? Niru was scheduled for delivery in December, but we decided to add a new weapon option not shown in the concept sketch. Also, this is a much more sensitive model, and we've needed to do more revisions than originally anticipated to make it as easy as possible to print at smaller, D&D compatible, scales. To be honest, I'm not comfortable rushing this one out, and so I'm pushing it back to January. Here's where we are at right now with it though:

Playtest Updates & Timeline

The playtest period will begin starting next week, and will extend into January. We've asked Dan Foulds to help us oversee the playtest, so if you receive future communication from him - please note that he is part of our team. Here are some early questions for those of you who are interested in the playtest:

  • Who can participate in the playtest? Backers who pledged at the "ALL-IN + Adventure Supporter" level and Late Backers will all have access to ALL of the playtest files including preliminary encounter write-ups and maps. 
  • Do I have to participate? Participation isn't necessary, but highly appreciated. 
  • How will the playtest work? Playtesting backers will be assigned an encounter to playtest with their home group within the playtest period. We only ask that backers playtest that one encounter in the period and provide feedback via a corresponding survey. We will then collect, review, and implement any appropriate changes as a result.
  • What if I want to playtest more than one encounter? This is not only possible, but absolutely encouraged! If you really like an encounter (or one or two or three of them), PLEASE feel free to run them! All we ask is that you provide feedback via the corresponding encounter surveys for those you ran after running them so we can learn from your experience. 
  • How will the files be shared? They will be shared in Dropbox with their own link. 
  • Will stretch goal terrain files be included? Many of the maps are just now being completed, and we're just beginning to really focus on making accompanying stretch goal terrain. Any stretch goal terrain that is completed will be shared, but these encounters are intended to be run like any normal D&D game would and the playtest is intended to focus on playability mostly. 
  • Why playtest during the holiday break? While some groups break, a lot of people end up getting together over the holidays as well. This is also why we're extending the break into January and only asking backers to playtest a minimum of one single encounter during the playtest period. We also don't want to hold back or delay the project any longer. If we feel the need to extend the playtest period because of a lack of feedback, we do always have that option as well and would be transparent if that is the case. 

Upcoming January Models

January will bring the last of the planned stretch goal models as well as 3 new bosses since only 1 was delivered this month. Here is what is coming next:


  • Malgathez The Devourer, Hydra Horror
  • Niru The Everlasting, Lord of Liches
  • Grazh'kol the Doomguard, Death Knight

Stretch Goal Minis

  • Core Heroes Expansion (Set of 3)
  • Carnivorous Plant (Set of 2)
  • Skeletons (Set of 5)
  • Spiders (Set of 3)

We'll be sharing more of our upcoming stretch goal terrain sets as well next update. As more and more maps are being completed, we're starting to crank out stretch goal terrain pieces and are really looking forward to sharing more of that later with you all as well.

Commercial License for Lost Adventures

For those who are interested in obtaining a commercial license for the Lost Adventures models, you can now obtain one here:

Lost Adventures Facebook Group 

To those interested in sharing their prints, asking questions, and just connecting with other backers outside of Kickstarter, we've made a Facebook group as well for Lost Adventures Backers. You're invited to join here: 

Happy Holidays & Thank You

I want to take a moment to wish everyone a very happy holiday season. Whether you are staying home printing, traveling, or visiting family - I hope that the next few weeks are filled with joy for you all. I'm grateful for your support, feedback, and for being a part of this wonderful community. 

A big  hug from us all to you, 


First Batch of Stretch Goals Now Live! (And Other Updates)
over 1 year ago – Thu, Nov 14, 2019 at 01:45:34 AM

Hello Lost Adventurers,

We've got a lot to share - including the first batch of stretch goals, future timelines, and some other accountability pieces. Let's jump right in:

First Batch of Stretch Goals Now Live! 

Yes, you read that title right :) As of a few hours ago, all backers with stretch goals included in their respective pledge levels should have received an email from BackerKit with a new digital download. This  will give you access to all of the stretch goal models that have been released, and is where future releases will also go. 

If you haven't gotten a notification, that is OK - you should still have access to the models via your BackerKit page via digital download. 

Which Stretch Goals Models Were Released?

  • City Guard: Royal Guards (Set of 3)
  • Giantfolk: Ettin 
  • Giantfolk: Ogres (Set of 3)
  • Giantfolk: Trolls (Set of 2)
  • Horde: Bugbears: (Set of 3)
  • Horde: Goblins (Complete Set of 22, also includes the initially released "core" goblins)
  • Monstrosities: Eye Horror + Watcher (Set of 2)
  • Scaled Ones: Lizardfolk (Set of 4 + 1 Minor Variant)
  • Wilderness: Bears (Set of 2) 

When Will The Remaining Stretch Goal Models Be Released? 

The remaining stretch goal minis that have already been completed but not yet released (i.e. all of the ones that haven't been delivered, but were shown via early renders on the KS main page) will be released on the afternoon of December 4th, 2019 (EST). 

What About The Bosses?

We've been working on the bosses since the campaign ended, and right now are targeting a release of 2 bosses per month starting in December. December's first bosses will be the following: 

  • Niru The Everlasting
  • Imani Kingsguard

Here's a sneak peek of Imani who is going into testing this week: 

Future Updates & Frequency 

I've seen a lot of comments asking about updates and I wanted to address those openly. I've tried to be as transparent as possible, but think I can do a better job of communicating more frequently with backers. That's completely on me and I apologize for that. 

We'll talk more about what we're going to do to remedy this below, but I want to make sure that it's clear that a lot has been happening behind the scenes. Sometimes weekly progress isn't as easy to understand as a finished mini (and not as bland as a blocked mini), and thus isn't really good to share. In many cases, it can create expectations that can be false (or disappointing if the end product is drastically different than something teased too early). Besides this though, progress might mean a first draft of one of the stretch goal encounters, and that isn't exciting or shareable either (and often still very subject to change by the end of the whole process). All that being said, none of this is an excuse for any silence on my part, which is why I'm committing to do better (and why we're making and proposing some changes).

Committing To Improve

Here is what we're doing to commit to a better and more transparent project for you all: 

Growing The Team. It's very clear at this point that we've needed to grow our team more than I anticipated, and thus we have been growing our team of writers and artists over the past month in order to speed the process up and make sure we hit our internal deadlines.

More Frequent Updates Proposal. I totally get that large, but infrequent, updates can look like there isn't much happening, so I'd like to talk about fixing that perception. I generally like to post when I've got a lot to share (as I've been part of Kickstarters with frequent updates, and was personally kind of turned off by them). I'd like to propose posting smaller updates weekly highlighting something one or two things we worked on that week. This would change the way I've gone about updates, and make something "teasable" from whatever progress we've made that week as a result. It's a significant mindshift change, but I'm very open to it if it's something that you as backers want and/or prefer.Examples: A boss preview, one of the encounters, a map, a part of an encounter page, and so on. 

I'd like to hear what you have to say as backers - so please feel free to comment below in this update if this is something you'd prefer, or if you'd prefer larger monthly updates instead, or have any additional comments. We're listening.  

A Little YouTube Break. This past month as we've onboarded new writers and artists (and soon a new editor), I knew I needed to get more involved and make some changes to make sure both this project (and what remains of Lost Dragons) meets its deadlines on time. The one thing I have most control of, and that also takes up the most time), is YouTube, so I'll be taking a little YouTube break as a result. 

Those of you who follow my channel should see a video early next week talking a little bit more about this, but for those of you who aren't interested in the channel - just know, I'm clearing my schedule to give the project an extra push it needs to keep rolling in an effort to honor my commitment to you all as backers.    


In addition to the above, we're working on making a hard date timeline to share with you for ALL deliverables for the project. As I've said before, there are a lot of deliverables - and this project is going to stretch well into next year when you include all of the stretch goal encounters, maps, terrain, and props. You'll be receiving terrain and props for many months after December in addition to the bosses, but I want to make sure the expectations are clear about when everything will be dropping in a way that will still allow us to be accountable to you as backers, but realistic in order to keep our personal same standard of quality. 

We will have this timeline of deliverables ready for you by next month's miniature release in the first week of December. Please look forward to it.  

Lost Adventures Facebook Backer Group

For those of you interested in having a condensed place to talk Lost Adventures or share your prints, we've made a Facebook group. Feel free to join HERE:

Thank You

First of all: Thank you for your support, your patience, and your feedback. It means the world to us, and we're committed to delivering amazing products to you all. 

If you have any questions, concerns, or anything you'd like to share with me, please feel free to reach me personally here: Email is, by far, the best way to make sure a message gets to me. I'll respond as quickly as I can.  

We hope you all have fun printing the next batch of stretch goal minis. Backers who have access to play testing: expect a message from us next week for more details on play testing :) 

A sincere thank you again, 


Core Files Are Now Live! (& Some FAQs)
over 1 year ago – Sun, Oct 20, 2019 at 12:48:18 AM

Hello Lost Adventurers,

I hope everyone's weekend has been wonderful! The core files & freebies have been delivered via BackerKit. You should have received an email, and if you did not, you should be able to login to BackerKit and find them in the digital downloads regardless (the email is just a notification that comes from BackerKit). 

Answering Some FAQs

I'd like to answer a few frequently asked questions that we've received since the files were delivered as well just in case folks didn't read the FAQ, missed some of the comment replies, previous KS updates, etc.: 

Q: Dropbox is giving me an error "Too many attemts" when I log in. What is wrong? This was a problem yesterday when so many users were trying to login at the same time, but shouldn't be happening any more since the initial wave and rush of folks logging into Dropbox has subsided. After speaking with Dropbox yesterday, they report everything is working normal on their end (there are unlimited downloads, and no bandwith limits, so that wasn't an issue here). 

If you're still getting this error, try again in a few minutes or at a later time - most folks have been able to access this way. 

Q: Where is my password? A: In order to access pledge rewards from the Dropbox, you'll need your password which is given to you in BackerKit. In your Digital Downloads section (in BackerKit), you will find a text box with it. 

Q: There are some files that are corrupt when I download it all. If you're having this issue, try downloading the folders individually. One backer (Morten Haggren) reported this working for them. Downloading the files individually works as well.

Q: When will the stretch goal models be delivered? Per the FAQ, "the core adventure will be released in February of 2020 and stretch goals (including additional encounters, minis, props, and scatter) will be released periodically as they are completed." 

A few backers have asked for a simple document like we made for Lost Dragons listing 1) What am I getting? 2) What's been delivered? and 3) When can I expect it? I'll be creating a tentative project timeline for all of the different parts of the project that will be happening outside of the STL files (which will be arriving much sooner than all the rest of the RPG content because they're mostly done and just need final revisions & tweaks).

Q: Where can I find out more details on the commercial license? The commercial license will be available on by this Friday. 

Additional Questions/Comments/Concerns

If you have any other questions for me, or would like to speak to me privately, you're always welcome to reach out to me here: I've caught up with all support questions regarding the KS as well, so if I haven't responded, please send it again. 

Thank you everyone for your support, questions, and feedback,